Change & Sustain Initiative

Forging a strong link through wellness.

Improving Health Through Sustainable Fitness & Lifestyle.


About Us

Hi, we are a group of enthusiasts who would like to help people around us to lead healthy lifestyle. We strive to make exercise and healthy habits a lasting change. Together, we work hard to create time efficient exercise programme. Each exercise programme is tested out with reliable and valid heart sensor to be certain that the exercise would at least be of a moderate intensity training. We want to help you to get fit. Please do visit our website and get fit with our exercise programme.


SAM Club

SAM is an in-house exercise activities and social support group, designed and initiated by the UiTM staffs with the aim to keeping fit and losing weight. 


Fitness Clinic is a dedicated clinic offered to motivated UiTM staffs who are keen to keep fit but do not have the time to do so. It is a solid 6-month programme, requiring dedication, persistence and positive mindset. 


Healthy Eats is a practical cooking sessions aiming to explore the use of organic, wholemeals, non-refined products to replicate locally known mouth watering delicacies.